Leaving La Cruz and Banderas Bay

Underway for Mazatlan

The Dolphin Statue in Puerto Vallarta

We spent a pleasant four days at the marina in La Cruz, and Ole was in pig heaven wandering around the downtown chandlery Zaragosa Marine, saving me thousands of dollars by not buying everything that caught his fancy.

The bus system makes all kinds of sense here – for 16 pesos, the equivalent of a dollar and a half, we were able to take a 45-minute trip into town for supplies, lunch, and a much-needed haircut. Neither of us has been here since the mid-80s, and the development is astounding.

And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the company of Daneen and Andy on Rose, dining at the marina restaurant, hosting them for baccalao, and passing “jam night” at the famous Philo’s restaurant complete with falling-off-the-bone bbq ribs and some great amateur (and closet professional) musicians entertaining us until just after midnight.

The little town of La Cruz de Guanacaxtle is where the hippies came to hang out during the Vietnam war exodus from the U.S. It started as a little out-of-the-way fishing village, and now hosts this huge marina and a bunch of great little restaurants, cafes, and shops catering to aging hippies and cruisers.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do much in the way of photography. I spent two of our days here completing some articles for my chief client, and Ole spent those same two days puttering around making sure everything is okay for this leg of our trip – the 185 or so miles to Mazatlan.

We left the dock at 8:00 this morning, spent an hour circling the bay trying to reset the heading sensor (our chart plotter shows our boat going sideways up the coast), then started out of Banderas Bay at 9:00. Rumor has it we’re likely to spot whales during this leg…we’ll keep the camera at the ready just in case.

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