Visiting Usulutan for Groceries

Ole decided to order a cleaning kit for the water maker, which is coming from the States. We opted to order it here because the marina is proud of being able to import boat parts duty-free. The fridge was getting low on fresh produce again, so I joined the other cruisers in a van trip to nearby Usulutan, the county seat for the district of Jiquilisco, where Barillas is located. Half the ride into town was leaving the property via a dusty dirt road that passes through the cane fields – the town itself is just 15 minutes once the van reached the highway.

Like any Central American city we’ve encountered, it’s full of traffic, noisy, a bit gritty, and filled with small businesses and entrepreneurial vendors selling everything from avocados to DVDs from little stalls on the sidewalk. Usulutan is a bit different, though, as it sits on the lower slopes of the mountains and is pleasantly hilly. I successfully found a new v-belt for the generator, and spent an hour and a half visiting hardware stores looking for a tiny t-fitting for the water maker, and almost an hour looking for a replacement printer, all in vain.

Hot, sweaty, dusty and a bit dizzy, I ended up at the grocery store and found decent produce and something cold to drink while I waited for the van home. Given that my passport only has one visa page left and we’re so close to San Salvador, I think I’ll go into the city to get more pages at the Embassy, and while I’m there, investigate a printer that meets our needs.

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