Full Moon at Starfish Beach

Full Moon at Starfish

Bocas del Toro, Panama

During a break between the rain squalls, we decided we needed a few days out at anchor, to get our sense of territory back, give the new engine exhaust manifold a tryout, and find somebody to repair our bimini top and bridge cover.  We joined Steve (Serenity) and Gary (Sea Feather) for a planned couple of days at Starfish Beach, and shared a good meal aboard.  We were fortunate enough to experience a full moon rise, and Ole went out in the dinghy to try to capture a few “mood” shots.

After a relaxing couple of days, we picked up anchor and moved to Dolphin Bay, where Cyntha and Tommy from Moondancer are house-sitting for Carl and Mary of Camryka.  We were able to cajole Cynthia into repairing our canvas, much to our delight.  Should get at least another year out of our “bargain” bridge cover from Rio Dulce after repairs.

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