Anniversary Party at Bocas Marina

Bocas Marina
Bocas del Toro, Panama

The work list continues…and so does the heat.

The highlight of the month was the fifth anniversary party of Bocas Yacht Club and Marina. With an expected turnout of 75-100 people, several of us opted to spend the Saturday afternoon of the party helping Sharkey cook, clean, and organize. I’m glad we did – everything was perfect for the expected 5:00 pm start time, with finger food, beer, wine, soft drinks, and killer rum punch ready to roll. All the cruisers were there, as were several folks from town, to enjoy the live music, a fire dance, a juggler, and general alcohol-fueled mayem. And during the evening, I got to discover why they call them “fire ants.” Sitting on a rock in the lawn I thought I had dropped cigarette ashes on my ankles!

Finally, tomorrow morning we’re going to head out in a convoy for a week or two (as long as the food holds out) with four other boats – Pamela Jean, with Pam and Bill from Texas; Mariah, with Evelyn and Dave from Key West; Serenity, with Steve Tepper (staff captain on Norwegian Jade); and Guavi, with Ariel and Michelle from Puerto Rico. Should be fun!

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