Finally…This is What Cruising is Supposed to Be

Bannister Bogue, Drowned Cays

Wait…can this be? A passage of just a couple of hours with no knockout swells? A gentle breeze? Balmy temperatures?

You’d think Mercury had gone direct or something!

We headed generally south of east from Belize City at around 11:30 a.m. for a string of mangrove islands called the Drowned Cays, and a particular channel through them called Bannister Bogue, found it without problems, and dropped anchor in about 12 feet of water in front of two big sailboats at about 4:30 p.m. It didn’t seem all that great for swimming, as a pretty decent current through the bogue ran from the lagoon east of us to the flats to the west.

We were surprised to find a resort of sorts newly built on the east side of the cay, and had a few go-fast boats zoom past the anchorage during the late afternoon, but by the time cocktails and dinner had been accomplished, it was all quiet.

Here is the chart we are using, from Freya Raucher’s cruising guide, and another picture of the bogue.

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