Provisioning in Belize

Radisson Fort George Marina
Belize City, Belize

It’s just after 11:00 a.m. and we’re finally getting ready to get underway for what we hope will begin the fun portion of this cruise.

Ole got back yesterday afternoon as planned, we washed down the boat, reset the lines, pulled up the anchor we had set against the norther, and looked at what we’ll do with the remaining 19 days of his vacation on the way to Guatemala. We think we have a plan. We’re not tied down to waypoints and planning for seas, as we’ll be cruising all through protected waters until we arrive in Rio Dulce – but the plans do call for napping, skinny-dipping, snorkeling, and the “work a little, play a little” ethic we thought this cruise would be about.

Jan heard over the radio that Mercury was retrograde during the months of January and February and was about to turn direct – apparently there’s some folklore that when Mercury is retrograde, travel and communications get messed up. No kidding.

It’s return to a direct path, whether we believe it or not, gives us reason to hope that the next three weeks will be much more delightful than the first three!

This morning, we went to the open-air market to provision fresh fruits and vegetables, and to a modern, clean grocery store to stock up on the dairy, dry goods, and beverages.

Here are a few pictures of what we saw:

We’re only going to cruise about an hour to a protected spot in the Drowned Cays, from which we’ll launch the dinghy and explore. We don’t know exactly when the next internet connection will be, so we’ll take lots of pictures and update the journal daily, uploading it when next we can.

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