Ole’s Birthday and Thanksgiving in Mazatlan

Marina Mazatlan

Topolo Restaurant

We passed Ole’s 60th birthday quietly last night, with dinner out at Topolo, a fine Mexican restaurant near Plaza Machado. The building is an old hacienda, and the tables are spread among the open interior courtyard and garden. The waiter was hysterical, cracking jokes in both English and Spanish…the food was superb…and the wandering sax player lent great background. It’s such a treat to eat outdoors on a balmy evening in such an “old world” atmosphere.

The highlight of Ole’s birthday was the gift of an electronic keyboard, with 150 built-in tunes, 200 rhythms, 200 tones, and more features than he’ll learn in a lifetime. He giggled like a little kid when I hauled it up from the v-berth, surprised that in all his unpacking and stowing he didn’t manage to spot it! So now we have a guitar, an accordion, and a keyboard – and we can pass the hat at anchor when we need cruising cash or perhaps join the Salvation Army.

And of course, Thanksgiving was early this year, the day after the big birthday. At the last minute I decided to cook up some chicken, make stuffing, and pretend it was Thanksgiving. After such a nice meal out, we didn’t miss the whole stuff-yourself-silly holiday experience, but it was nice to commemorate the day. Plus we got to test the convection oven for the stuffing. Worked like a champ!

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