Still Restoring…

With some free time on my hands, I’m still working on restoring the website. Scraping/way-backing/and combing through the computer has helped me restore over 150 posts so far — that’s just the first 5 years. More coming soon!

Thanks for bearing with us!

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Hacienda Tijax
Fronteras, Guatemala

The work on the Norway property continued at full steam during the first week of August.  Ole needed to get back to the Sovereign to take a break from his working vacation!

After a very long trip home from Norway (Gjaeroy to Bodo; overnight Bodo; Bodo to Oslo to Newark to Houston to Guatemala City; overnight; bus to Fronteras — total time 3 days), we arrived back at Emma Jo to find her in good shape, and the cats excited to have us home.  The only fatality was what our boat sitter Lucy referred to as a “broken water thingy” — turned out to be the main water pump.  Fortunately we had a new one onboard, which was lovingly installed by our neighbor Sim, on the s/v Alianna.  He’s a great guy and fellow chief engineer — he works as chief on a British tall ship used to train sailors and rehabilitate youth at risk.  Cool project. [Read more…]