A Night at the Opera

Marina Mazatlan

Another great evening at the Angela Perralta Theater – this time for a performance of La Boheme, featuring the Sinaloa Symphony, the Theater Chorus, the Mazatlan Children’s Choir, a brass band for the “tattoo,” and great sets and lighting. The singers, all local, were superb – fully as professional and up to Puccini as anyone I’ve heard.

And opera, being opera, the story is, well, an “opera.” Starving artists squeaking by in a Parisian garrett, boy meets girl, girl gets TB and dies. All set to music. Corny as it is, that Puccini knows how to evoke emotion in music, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Mimi coughed her last!

Ole’s due home tomorrow noonish – and the boat looks fine, with new deck paint, new varnish on all the exterior surfaces, new canvas rail covers, sun shades, and window covers. I think he’ll be pleased – I know I am.

This time, for some reason, was lonlier than usual. I think it’s because I was alone on the dock for at least half the time he was away, and when folks started trickling back, they seem to have their own routines and friendships to reestablish.

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