Made it to Nicaragua!

Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua

We finally found a window to leave windy Bahia Santa Elena early the morning of March 25, and scooted out of the bay crossing choppy seas to the Nicaraguan coast off of San Juan del Sur. We found it much calmer to stay within a mile or two of the coast, and once we turned north, the wind and sea were behind us all the way to Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua. We left Bahia Santa Elena at 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, with light and variable winds, to cut over across the gulf to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, and gradually make our way north. We faced quite a strong head current, slowing our speed to 5.5 knots, and turning our 20-hour trip into a 22-1/2 hour trip, arriving here at a beautiful spot at 8:30 this morning. The highlight of the passage was playing dodge-boat with all the fishermen off the Nicaraguan Banks, and Jan remembering that when you see somebody’s red light, and you have a constant bearing, diminishing range, it’s a good time to turn right, especially if it’s a big tuna boat!

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