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Bocas Marina
Bocas del Toro, Panama

Getting back to the boat was fairly straightforward – Barcelona to Madrid to Guatemala City to Panama City to Bocas del Toro…with a stay in one of the sleaziest hotels never to be frequented again in Panama – Hotel Riande Airport. A dump of unworkability priced at about $92 per night, it’s the only hotel conveniently located five minutes from Tocumen International Airport. Stench of mould covered over with Lysol, irregular surging from the air conditioner, and a non-functional toilet. After coming from the state-of-the-art Independence of the Seas, the third world was an abrupt comedown. Eeesh.

The cats were thrilled to see us again – looking plump and well cared for in our long absence. Brian has been bringing them tidbits from the restaurant, and has developed a great avuncular relationship with them. We were especially thrilled to see little old Maggie had put on nearly all the weight she’s lost in the past year. Seems the hyperthyroid medication has really helped regulate her.

The boat looks great – but nobody seems to do housework like the owner, so we spent the first couple of weeks spreading out and remarking our territory. I really felt bad that we kicked Brian to the curb and he had to move onto a sailboat that required about five days of cleaning to become habitable. But he has agreed to return to the cat-nanny position in November when we go back.

These two weeks Ole has reverted to shipboard behavior, getting up at the crack of early and blasting through a 36-item list on our boat like the auditors were behind him! I’ve been trying to keep up, but man, he’s the energizer bunny! The list has included repairing/repainting the running lights, polishing all the stainless, stripping and repainting the aft deck, cleaning lines and fenders, and chasing leaks.

We did, however, make a quick trip into David to meet with the developer at Montanas de Caldera and do a bit of shopping.

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