Ole’s Home Again

Bocas Marina
Bocas del Toro, Panama

After a busy week of cleaning, furniture moving, and mildew banishing, I was ready for Ole to get home today. This arrival was pretty civilized, as he got to fly into and overnight in Miami, staying with Svein and Lise, before travelling on to Bocas via Panama City. Gave him a chance to catch up, unwind, and bring home three months worth of mail. All I can say is thank goodness for online banking, bill paying, and shopping!

We had a little cocktail party featuring Neil and Kathy from Attitude, along with Jennifer from Always Sunday and Steve Tepper from Serenity – Greek theme with taramosalata, olives, humus, and marinated feta cheese – no need for dinner.

It was good to see Ole again, and note that working on a cruise ship during its inaugural can really pack on the prosperity pounds! Suffice it to say that we’ve made a pact that when we get on Independence in June we’re going to take full advantage of the gym.

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