Voyages of the
m/v Emma Jo
			...and Crew



In which we arrive in Bocas del Toro, Panama, and stay for a wonderful year to explore all the country has to offer!

                                                                                        January                                Jan is left alone in Bocas del Toro, while Ole finishes on Sovereign

                                                                                        February                               Jan remains in Bocas del Toro

                                                                                        March                                    Ole returns to Bocas, then is transferred to Finland to finish Independence of the Seas

                                                                                        April                                       Jan remains in Bocas del Toro   

                                                                                        May                                        Pleasant times in Bocas del Toro - and buying property in Boquete!

                                                                                        June                                       Ole returns to Independence of the Seas; Jan joins him in Southampton

                                                                                        July                                        Cruising the Mediterranean on Independence of the Seas

                                                                                        August                                   Cruising the Mediterranean on Independence of the Seas

                                                                                        September                             Returning to Bocas del Toro and Emma Jo                          

                                                                                        October                                  Exploring Bocas del Toro, and repairing an engine

                                                                                        November                               Rejoining Independence of the Seas in the Caribbean

                                                                                        December                               Spending the Holidays aboard Independence of the Seas



Copyright 2009 Ole and Janet Pedersen